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  • ‘Knowing that my wishing and wants are laid out in a legal document provides me with a great sense of relief – knowing that when my time comes my family will be cared for and its one less thing for them to worry about. Making a Will has definitely made my senior days much nicer.’

    Dotty Berch
  • ‘Great service – I now feel at ease knowing I have a professional legal Will should anything happen to me.’

    Miss Yug
  • ‘A prompt and very professional service. They provided full details even after my Will was completed so I knew exactly what I needed to do next. Thank you so much.’

    Mr T Hub
  • I knew I didn’t have a Will but I just didn’t know where to start – thankfully Wingrove & Sons came to my rescue. They made everything simple and I now have a Will that provides me with the comfort that if anything does happen to me – my family and friends will benefit from my Will.

    Sue Jones, My Company